SAL koonuspost

SAL koonuspost

SAL koonuspost


Material: Cones are rolled from aluminum alloy pipes EN AW-6060. Their base is plated from aluminum alloy plates EN AW-5754.
Wiring chamber: Each aluminium column has wiring chamber for fuse-box. Wiring chamber cover is being cut by laser.
Base-plate: Base-plate is being pressed together with the conical surface, which stiffen the base
10 anodising colours: Aluminium columns are anodised. Anodising consists in creating the oxide layer on metal surface by electrochemical method. Anodisation not only protects the columns against external factors but also gives possibility to dye aluminum in 10 different colors, each with silk finish version.

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Dimension of the base plate: 224/180/8mm
Diameter of the column ending: 60mm
Height of the column: 3; 4 and 5m
Diameter at the base: 114mm
Wall thickness: 3mm
Concrete footing: B-50


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Naturaalne C0, Inox C45, Šampanja C32, Oliiv C33, Antratsiit CI78, Pruun C34, Grafiit CI65, Hall CI63, Roheline CI75, Must C35


h-3m, h-4m, h-5m